December 7, 2022

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The WHO warns that the new strain will be resistant to vaccines

Posted on 09/02/2021 10:03 AM Updated on 09/02/2021 10:07 AM

(Credit: Porbara Cabral / SP CB / DA Press)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is evaluating a new strain of the corona virus. This strain, known as the Mu variant, originated in Colombia and already exists in 39 countries in South America and Europe. The company classified the version as a “variation of interest”. According to the WHO, there are indications that Mu is resistant to the vaccine. However, the company warns that more research is needed to understand the properties of Mu.

The global impact is only 0.1%, but it is 39% in Colombia and 13% in Ecuador. The Mu variant was discovered in Colombia last January. In Brazil, the Copa America came to a standstill in July.

All viruses change over time. Most of these changes do not interfere. However, some may affect the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines, for example.

The fifth variant of interest monitored by the WHO since March is Mu. They were rated Ida, Iota, Kappa and Lambda. The other four received the “anxiety” classification: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

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