July 4, 2022

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The woman is secured to the aircraft seat with duct tape after trying to open the doors of the aircraft | World and Science

The woman wanted to open the plane door and the bit flight attendant

Written by IG – Last Quiz

Posted on 07/11/2021 4:35 pm

RIO – A woman was taped to the seat of an airplane as she attacked a crew and tried to open the door of the plane in the middle of the plane. The incident took place on July 6, 1774 on an American Airlines flight.

The company said the woman attacked and bit an air attendant after she tried to open the boarding gate. American Airlines told The Post that there were passengers “for the safety of other customers and our crew.”

A video posted on social media shows the woman holding a duct tape in her mouth, with her hands and body glued to the seat.

You can see the woman screaming in the video: “You! You! According to footage posted by Dictoc user @ lol.ariee, the flight attendants quietly intervened as passengers passed by.

During the chaos, the two-hour flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte was busy after nearly an hour’s journey. According to Dictoc user @ lol.ariee who posted the video, the flight attendants started turning on the lights and moving badly through the aisles, whispering to each other.

The crew of the plane began to lock the toilets, took the bags from the overhead box and said they would not tell what was going on @ lol.ariee.

Finally, the pilot spoke via intercom, telling people to stay in their seats, noting that, according to passengers, “this is a bad situation on the plane at the moment.”

“So we gradually start to hear more and more screams, we wait a minute,” he noted.

As the plane was about to land, an flight attendant sitting next to them explained to a woman with an obvious mental problem, “I felt like getting off the plane. She was saying, ‘I have to get off this plane’ and she went out and started knocking on the doors, ‘You have to get me off this plane! ‘”

The airline said emergency crews took the plane to the ground in Charlotte and took the woman to a local hospital. It has placed him on the US “internal” ban list while investigations are ongoing.

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