December 7, 2022

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The world is postponing the announcement of the Taliban government amid armed resistance in the Punjab Valley

The Taliban have been postponed again, and this Saturday (4), its executive’s presentation may provide clues as to what its organization will look like in Afghanistan for years to come, amid armed resistance in the Panjir Valley.

Nearly three weeks after the Taliban returned to power, two sources in the Islamist movement told the AFP that the expected announcement of a new government would be postponed for a second time.

First, the Taliban cabinet was released on Friday (3).

One explanation for this delay may be the situation in PanjshirOnly one of the country’s 34 provinces still opposes the new regime.. Formerly an anti-Taliban stronghold, the valley is 80 kilometers north of the capital and is inaccessible.

Since Monday (30), when the last U.S. troops left the country, The Fighting scene between Valley Taliban and National Anti-National Front (FNR).

Cementi: The Taliban claim to have taken the last rebel stronghold, but the opposition denies it

In Kabul, gunfire erupted on Friday (3) night to celebrate the victory of the Islamic movement in Punjab, following rumors of a Taliban victory. However, the committee has not issued an official statement on the matter.

Refugee in the Panjir Valley, former Vice President Amrullah Saleh released a video message saying “the most difficult situation” is taking place, but “opposition continues and will continue”.

According to Ahmed Masood, who is leading the opposition in the Valley, the Taliban offered the FNR two positions in the future government.

But “we did not consider the offer because we asked for a better future for Afghanistan,” said the son of General Ahmed Shah Masood, who was assassinated by al-Qaeda in 2001 on Wednesday (1).

For Masood, the Taliban “chose the path of war.”

Since their return to power, the Taliban have sought to show restraint. In this sense, they promised to form an “inclusive” government, and in recent weeks have increased their contacts with Afghan figures who oppose them. They include former President Hamid Karzai and former Vice President Abdullah Abdullah.

Taliban recapture 3 districts in Baghlan province around Punchshir Valley – Photo: Lucas Sambayo / G1

On Friday, several countries again said they would judge the actions of the new government, not its words.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he expects the Taliban to behave “politely” while China urges them to firmly “break” with “terrorist” groups.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan, who will visit Qatar between Monday and Wednesday, expressed his hope that the “non-Taliban” government, which “represents the diverse interests of various communities and Afghanistan,” would be “truly inclusive.”

Although they have pledged to protect the rights of women, the Taliban have already indicated that gender will not be represented in their future cabinet. Several activists took to the streets of Herat (west) on Thursday and in the capital on Friday.

Beyond security issues, the question now is how the Taliban can straighten out the country’s economy, which is in a bad state after four decades of conflict.

The UN warned on Friday that “Afghanistan faces an immediate humanitarian catastrophe” and will hold a meeting on September 13 to increase humanitarian aid to the country.

Qatar announced on Saturday (4) that it would send 15 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan from around the world, and said flights would continue “in the coming days”.

Qatar’s ambassador to Afghanistan Saeed bin Mubarak told al-Jazeera’s network that “international flights will be operational soon.”

Radar, control tower and runway were repaired and security at Kabul airport and its surroundings was confirmed, the Qatari ambassador said.