September 28, 2022

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There are three Brazilians on the list of the best pizzerias in the world



Caprese from A Pizza da Mooca: Brazilian is one of the 100 best 100 countries in the world

Italian Award 50 Best Pizzas Published a ranking with the 100 best pizzerias around the world, and Brazil appears at 3 levels. All national representatives are in São Paulo: Mooka’s Pizza (77th place), Light Neapolitan Pizza (83rd) and QT Pizza Bar (99ª).

The result is perhaps not surprising, since the country is one of the biggest consumers of the environment: a day, we eat more than a million pizzas here. According to data from Associão Pizzerias Unitas do Brasil, São Paulo is the second most food-consuming city in the world, next only to New York.

Strong demand represents a huge market, and more and more chefs are improving traditional techniques and bringing different styles to the Brazilian public with quality ingredients – as in the case of the trio that entered the rankings, all specializing in Neapolitan pizzas, well made. For personal consumption.

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Pizza da Mooca, a Brazilian flagship, was described by the award judges as a “personality-less” pizza. “Its products come from local artisans; the only exception is the flour from Italy. We recommend the caprese with buffalo milk mozzarella or the option with anchovies.”

On its Instagram page, the São Paulo pizzeria, which has units in Mooka and Pinheiros, celebrated the achievement: “So proud to be able to represent our country this time. Our thanks to our team, our suppliers and partners, and especially to our customers, who have always honored us, who have been a fundamental part of this achievement”. This year, the restaurant has already been chosen by popular vote as Brazil’s best pizzeria with Braceres da Mesa’s Best of the Year award.

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In total, more than 20 countries from all continents of the world feature in the Top 50 Pizza list. Italy, as expected, was the highlight, with 40 representatives out of 100 – including those above, Massanielli by Francesco MartucciIn Caserta, occupying the 1st place, tied with Anthony Mangieri’s Neapolitan PizzaIn New York.

The top five is completed with the Parisian Pepe Pizzeria de Giuseppe Cutraro (3rd place) and the Neapolitans 50 call (4th) and 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria (5º).

Check the complete ranking on the official website of the award.