December 7, 2022

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‘There is a consensus that climate change is caused by human activity,’ says the expert

Professor Celso Crisi assessed the conditions of severe drought and frost and the damage to agriculture. It comments on the floods that killed more than 200 people in Germany and Belgium and the burns in the United States and Canada. Climate disasters, in addition to economic losses, have caused deaths around the world. In Brazil, corn, sugarcane and coffee are the most affected crops. See expert analysis:

“We have a consensus among scientists that events such as cold, heat and heavy rain are all caused by human activity on the planet, so the climate is affected. First, there is the problem of carbon dioxide that comes with burning fossil fuels. Imagine how much a plane gets polluted when it leaves Sao Paulo and goes to New York.” Look, ”Chrissy observes.

“In addition, we have a series of industrial events that emit large amounts of other gases, such as CO2 and methane, which cause global warming, as well as deforestation, which is not just a Brazilian phenomenon. Seriously, we have to deal with this in Brazil, Cerado and the Amazon, but it’s not just in Brazil. ”

“We have already shown that the contribution of agriculture is positive. With Embroba’s new research on animal husbandry – in systems made of green livestock, without restriction. Does, ”he concludes.

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