December 7, 2022

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These 9 tips will improve the air quality in your home

Despite the fact that many people still work outside the home, it cannot be denied that we all spend a lot of time at home. That’s why I care Quality The air we breathe in our homes becomes something to keep an eye on. There are many actions we can take to make this progress actually happen. Including, some options don’t even require some specific equipment.

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problem Although we can closer as windows and control to the entrance And Pollution Indoors also contains various allergens from the street that may or may not cause health problems. At least that’s what Women & Home magazine says. Here are some tips to improve this aspect of your home.

Learn how to improve air quality in your home

The magazine also points out that everything goes through the air. For example: bacteria, viruses and dust. She recalled that humidity was also a negative point. This is not a healthy factor and creates more problems.

“Other activities They are made in-houseCooking and cleaning with chemicals contribute to the poor Quality Do ar If internal to join Pollution Damage caused by traffic entering the home,” said Alexandre Provins, a BlueAir employee.

Because of this, the particles end up accumulating and “takes a lot of time Dissolve than pollution ar External due to at has ventilation,” said Provins. Now let’s look at some possible solutions to the problem.

Some indoor plants are great for air purification. Want an example? Aloe Vera.

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With a certain regularity, you should leave the windows open for air circulation. The exchange of fresh air is very good.

  • Vacuum your house often

Even though it’s a simple step, vacuuming the area regularly can clean the air in your home. Also wash your sheets and corners that collect dust and moisture.

  • Reduce smoke in the environment

Avoid smoking indoors as much as possible, as well as lighting candles and incense.

  • Hang your clothes outside to dry

Due to humidity, drying clothes outside your home is very interesting and positive, but only if there is really such a place.

  • Avoid using chemicals

Try to avoid using chemicals and sprays. Choose natural options that are less harmful to the environment and your home.

Having an exhaust fan in the home not only removes odors but also helps with humidity.

A purifier doesn’t solve all problems, but it helps a lot to get clean air with higher quality.

A dehumidifier can go a long way in helping with moisture problems in your home.