December 7, 2022

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Title # 498: Tokyo Olympics – the time has come | Subject

They were already marked by the rise (and rivalry) of Nazism. To the origins of the Cold War and China, among other historical movements. At this point, they reflect diversity and the effort to rebuild Japan The post-Fukushima nuclear disaster (2011). But the corona virus ran it all. You Games Starting now, a year later than the original date, it was basically about an infection. With corona virus infections on the rise and vaccinations, Tokyo is not reminiscent of previous places. “There is so much negligence,” says reporter Carlos Gill. To control the epidemic, there will not even be a local public at the events, even reaching its health protocol award ceremonies. “For the first time, the athlete will place the medal on his own chest,” says Gill. But the journalist thinks: The effort to prepare in such adverse circumstances makes this year’s participants more or less worthy of applause than their predecessors. . Gill shows who the potential stars of the Olympics are and makes predictions about Brazilian participation..

What you need to know:

The podcast is produced by O Subject: Manica Marioti, Isabel Chetta, Luis Felipe Silva, Diego Kasuroski and Giovanni Reginado. Gabriel de Campos and Ana Flavia Paula also collaborated on this chapter. Presentation: Renata Low Breit.

– Photo: Contact / Globe

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