December 7, 2022

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Tokyo Olympics Opening Drones: Understand How Technology Works | Novelty

Opening Tokyo Olympics One of the highlights created by the drones in the sky is the maps. On the show Of these, 1,824 devices were used.

In the synchronized presentation, moving images were created by lighting, which showed a larger world above the Olympic stadium.

Drones form globes during the opening ceremony of the Olympics – Photo: Andrzej Isakovic / AFP

Understand how technology works:

How many drones were used?

  • 1,824 drones They did this integrated dance with LED lights.
  • The current record for simultaneous drone flying is held by the Genesis car brand, which is affiliated with Hyundai, which used the 3,281 to celebrate its arrival in China on March 29, 2021.
  • Each drone has 4 propellers and uses electric power to move.
  • The first step is to create 3D presentation from a computer program. With this software, the team creates a preview of the movements and guarantees that the equipment will not collide with each other.
  • You The drones calculate the path needed to create those images, Like the globe in terms of these commands.
  • One computer may be responsible for controlling thousands of drones, Says the manufacturer of the devices Intel.

The company also claims to study safe areas for the aircraft, the position of the spectators and the best angles for the show.

Drones cover the start of the Tokyo Olympics – Photo: Breeding / Globe

How much does this presentation cost?

Specific prices for the Tokyo show have not been announced, but for shows like this, it can cost up to 000 300,000.

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