December 7, 2022

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Trump sued the panel investigating the Capitol Hill raid

The former US president’s move is to try to avoid a subpoena to testify before the House of Representatives on November 14

Former President of America, Donald TrumpFiled a lawsuit against the US delegation Investigation A Invasion of the capital January 6, 2021. The suit is an attempt to prevent him from testifying on November 14. The claim is yet to be adjudicated.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday night (November 11, 2022) in a Florida court, “No president or former president is compelled to do so.”.

Come Just like that of the process, in English (334 KB).

A House committee was sent to investigate A dedication to the former president On October 21. In the document, members of Congress established that testimony should be provided to the commission by November 14, 2022.

The group claims to exist “source” What a Trump “Personally Designed” A way to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election. The College Committee also requested the Republican Party to provide a series of documents. Here it is Just like that Letter, in English (1 MB).

Even though Trump left the US presidency 21 months ago, Trump’s lawyers say the subpoena violates executive rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

In the security rating, Trump is there “Absolute immunity from being forced to testify before Congress about your actions” For being a former president🇧🇷 “The Committee’s subpoena expressly sought information regarding President Trump as a former President, his activities as President, and for the purpose of disciplining future Presidents, and is therefore invalid.” The process says.

Remember Capital Invasion

Members of the United States Congress gather on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 to certify the victory of the President of the United States. Joe BidenIn the 2020 presidential election.

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Trump supporters broke through the police barricade in front of the stadium and entered invaded Dependencies of the House and Senate. More than 100 policemen were injured 5 people died on the day

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