September 28, 2022

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Typhoon Nanmadol: ‘Unprecedented’ storm prompts evacuations in Japan | the world

Hundreds of thousands of people in Japan They were warned to evacuate their homes amid warnings of “unprecedented” risks from the approaching storm.

Typhoon Nanmadol is expected to hit Kyushu Island on Sunday (18/9).

Wind gusts up to 270 kmph are possibleAnd some areas can get 500mm of rain in just 24 hours.

A “special warning” is in effect for Kyushu with warnings of landslides and flooding. Train services and flights were cancelled.

Kyushu is the southernmost of the four islands that make up the main archipelago. Japan and has a population of over 13 million.

The Japan Times reported that the special warning was the first ever issued outside the small, remote island province of Okinawa in the East China Sea.

When the cyclone makes landfall, it is expected to move in a northeasterly direction through the center Japan Towards Tokyo.

It is expected to retain its strength even after making contact with the ground.

An employee of the Meteorological Centre Japan He told reporters on Saturday (17/9): “There are risks of unprecedented storms, high tides, storm surges and record rainfall.”

The official added that it would be worse than Typhoon Jebi, which killed 14 people in 2018, and Typhoon Hagibis, which caused widespread power outages in 2019.

Some houses, particularly in southern Kyushu, were at risk of collapsing, urging residents to take shelter in safer buildings.

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