July 5, 2022

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US Congress approves holiday to celebrate end to slavery | The world

In a rare moment of solidarity, Republicans and Democrats approved in Congress this Wednesday (16). United States Created a new federal holiday on June 19 to commemorate the liberation of Texas’ last slaves in 1865.

President of the United States, Joe Biden, Is yet to be enacted, but there is no doubt in its favor.

“This day represents freedom,” said Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat who is one of the members of the House of Representatives, who introduced a bill to make June 19 the official national holiday of June 19.

The House of Representatives, with the support of Democratic and Republican leaders, passed the bill with 415 votes in favor and 14 against.

The day before, the Senate had unanimously approved the rule. In front of an old photo of a black man with a spine, Sheila Jackson Lee of the African-American Congress spoke in full about the “long journey” to the referendum.

“But here we are today, a national holiday for freedom, a federal holiday for the United States to vote for Junetend,” he declared.

Republican Senator John Corn, who won the bill with him, wrote that “it is necessary to recognize and learn from past mistakes in order to move forward.”

Both represent Texas in Congress. It was in this vast southern state that the last slaves learned that they were free on June 19, 1865.

On April 9, 1865, Robert Lee, the leader of the Confederate Army, signed his surrender. It took more than two months for the news to reach Calveston, a small town in Texas on June 19th.

“Junetin” was already a holiday in some states across the country, including Texas, but so far no federal date has been set.

Appeals to create a national holiday increased after the murder George Floyd, A black man killed by a white policeman on May 25, 2020.

June 19 “reminds us of a history marked by brutality and injustice, and reminds everyone who respects America’s egalitarian ideal of a responsibility to build a future of progress,” said Nancy Pelosi, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives. .

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