December 7, 2022

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US deploys state-of-the-art warship to Asia

Sent by the US Navy USS Zumwalt, considered or The country’s most advanced warship, for East Asia. The ship crossed the Pacific Ocean for the first time and arrived in Japan yesterday. According to CNN, the mission could be in preparation for the deployment of US hypersonic missiles in the region.

oh USS Zumwalt It was identified by radars as a “mere fishing boat”.. In addition, it is larger and can store more ammunition than currently used warships: it has 80 vertical launch cells for missiles that can hit land and sea targets.

The US Navy says the ship will “create a new level of battlefield complexity for potential adversaries”. In a statement, it said the ship had been reserved Destroyer Troops 15, the largest U.S. Navy destroyer force outside the country, operates at the Naval Base YokosukaNear Tokyo.

According to former US Navy Captain Carl Schuster, this armada of stealth warfare should especially attract China’s attention. According to the US Navy, the Zumwald Pentagon will have a hypersonic cannon that uses a booster rocket motor to fire missiles at that speed.

Lt. Catherine Serrano, spokeswoman for Destroyer Squadron 15, praised the armada’s structure. “(Zumwalt) plays a critical role in maintaining our competitive advantage and protecting our allies and partners in the region.”

What is a Zumwalt?

At 185 meters long and weighing 16,000 metric tons, the Zumwald is “the world’s largest and most advanced surface combatant,” according to a Navy fact sheet.

Even the Arleigh Burke and Type 055 destroyers, which are considered the mainstays of the US Navy and China’s navies, respectively, do not have much power: the number of Americans is less than 30 meters and with a displacement of less than 10 thousand tons. The Chinese have 13 thousand tons.

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The problem is that only three Zumwalt-class ships, the USS Michael Mansour and the other USS Lyndon B. Johnson, are seagoing. China will have six active Type 055s.

This is explained by the high cost of production, reaching 8 billion US dollars each (about R$ 43 billion at current prices).According to a 2018 government report sent to Congress.