December 7, 2022

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Video: Double-headed snake eats two mice at once | Extraordinary world


The two-headed snake is filmed eating two rats at once.

A snake with two heads was photographed eating two rats simultaneously at the Michigan Zoo in the United States. These images have gone viral on social networks and have already crossed 20,000 likes. Watch the video:

The video was released by zoologist Brian Parsik, who works at the zoo, and he says the animal is a real California snake with a rare mutation. “I saw it as a child and begged a friend to buy it for a year and a half before finally selling it,” Brian said.

Each snake’s head has a name: Ben and Jerry. The snake expert considers it very rare, because, according to him, there are only five reports in the literature, all of which Pem and Jerry died before reaching adulthood at the age of four.

“Most double-headed snakes die within the first few months. As you can imagine, there can be many complications in causing such a mutation,” Brian explained.

According to the expert, despite having two heads, the snake has a unique biological structure, with individual organs. Therefore, both mice will be digested by the same system.

– With UOL information.

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