July 4, 2022

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Video: Female passengers immobilize with adhesive tape on a plane seat after being bitten by flight attendant

Charlotte, USA – A woman was taped to the armchair of an American Airlines flight after being bitten by an flight attendant in the United States. The company told the New York Post that the immobility took place “for the safety of other customers and our team.”

The passengers tried to open the door of the plane, so they had to have it. Credit: Social Networks

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When the plane landed in Charlotte, the passengers were taken by emergency crew to a local hospital. American Airlines reports that he has been added to the list of those banned from flying.

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This scene was filmed on the 6th and shared on Tick Tock. In the video, the person in charge of the recording is in the back of the plane and as he approaches the front he begins to hear screams. Then, the figure of the woman appears: she is covering her mouth, her hands are behind her back, and she is caught by her shoulders and legs. The video is no longer available on the social network because the user was banned after sharing the images, which went viral.

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According to the user, the passengers caused “chaos” on the plane. “The flight attendants started turning on the lights at around 1.30am. We saw all the flight attendants running up and down the aisles. The restrooms were locked and the garbage bags were taken away by team members,” he said.

The pilot asked the occupants of the plane to sit down as they were going through “a bad situation”. The flight attendant told a flight attendant to himself and his family that “a woman with an obvious mental problem has a rash and wants to get off the plane anyway. ‘I have to get off this plane.” He started knocking on doors. “

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