December 7, 2022

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Video: Jewish sect attacks guards, causes mass exodus from detention center in Mexico | the world

About 20 members of the Jewish sect Lev Tahor escaped from a detention center in Mexico on Wednesday night. The escape took place in the town of Huixtla in the Chiapas region.

Members of the Jewish community escaped arrest in Mexico

Members of the sect were taken to a detention center last Friday after an operation at a house in the city of Tapachula that ended with the arrest of 20 members of Lev Tahor and six others who did not belong to the group. Among those arrested were Israelis, Canadians and Americans.

Lev Tahor has practices such as arranged marriages and requires girls to cover themselves completely from the age of 3.

The sect is estimated to be up to 300 people. They reject the position of Israel.

Cult members escape from a detention center in Mexico on September 29, 2022 – Photo: Benjamin Alfaro/AFP

Founded in the 1980s by Israeli Shlomo Helfranz, Lev Tahor practices a strict form of Judaism. The group is admired by some Jews for their piety, but criticized as a cult.

Lev Tahor (“Pure Heart” in Hebrew) has faced numerous allegations of kidnapping, child marriage and physical abuse since its founding in the 1980s.

Earlier this year, two leaders of Lev Tahor were convicted America 12 years imprisonment for kidnapping and sex trafficking offences.

The group moves the country frequently, having previously stayed in the United States, Israel, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico and parts of Europe.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Mexican police have gathered evidence that could lead to indictments against several cult members on suspicion of drug trafficking, rape and other crimes.

An Israeli report said two members of Lev Tahor were arrested for human trafficking and serious sex crimes.

Israel also said many of the members were Israeli citizens.

Escape from the detention center

The group attacked the guards and forced their way through the door of the compound where they were being held. They took the children and women and fled from there.

After the escape, one of the group’s members, David Rosales, said the arrest violated their freedom and religious rights and that the guards would not let them out.

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