December 7, 2022

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Vila Madalena in São Paulo is the only Brazilian representative on the list of the best neighborhoods in the world Tourism and Travel

For the English press Time is up Just published the 2022 edition of its list of the 51 best neighborhoods in the world – and São Paulo tops the list: Vila Madalena ranked 13th, led by Colonia Americana near Guadalajara, Mexico.. Bohemian neighborhood Bye Paulo Only Brazilian presence in select locations.

The list is drawn from a survey of 20,000 travelers selected by the magazine. They should point out the best places for fun, good food, cultural activities and social life.

“Vila Maddalena’s neighborhood owes its bohemian character to São Paulo university students who arrived in the 1980s, seduced by the charm of cheap rent and cheap caipirinhas”.

Although samba performances appeal to people of all ages – it is common to see tattooed youths in bars from dusk to dawn, the publication said.

“The main attraction is Beco do Batman – an open-air gallery that brings together the works of the best urban artists in São Paulo”.

1- American Colony (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Colonia Americana is considered the “underground” capital of Guadalajara, Mexico. – Photo: Bar Americas

2 – Guis do Sotre (Lisbon, Portugal)

Cais do Sodré is the center of nightlife in Lisbon. – Photo: Reproduction

3 – Wat Po Village (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Aspects of Cambodia’s religious culture are easily seen in the village of Wat Po. – Photo: Reproduction

4 – Ridgewood (New York, USA)

Located between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, New York, Ridgewood is known for its diversity. – Photo: Reproduction

5 – Mile End (Montreal, Canada)

Mile End has historically been home to many artists and highly recommended restaurants. – Photo: Reproduction

6 – Barrio Logan (San Diego, USA)

Barrio Logan is the center of Mexican culture in Los Angeles and San Diego. – Photo: Reproduction

7 – Shimokitazawa (Tokyo, Japan)

After a major renovation in 2019, Shimokitazawa has become one of Tokyo’s most visited neighborhoods. – Photo: Reproduction

8 – Cliftonville (Margate, England)

Cliffs and a large arts community are highlights of Cliftonville. – Photo: Reproduction

9 – Yunge Neighborhood (Santiago, Chile)

Chile’s first planned neighborhood, Barrio Yunge was the home of President Gabriel Boric. – Photo: Reproduction

10 – Course Julien (Marseille, France)

The local markets are one of the main attractions of Cours Julien. – Photo: Reproduction

11 – Shawlands (Glasgow, Scotland)

The large parks – apart from the cafes and restaurants – are one of the highlights of Scotland’s Shawlands. – Photo: Reproduction

12 – Dundas West (Torono, Canada)

Dundas West is considered a haven for cultural consumers – in the neighborhood, there are many galleries. – Photo: Reproduction

13 – Vila Madalena (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Beco do Batman is a highlight in Vila Madalena. – Photo: Amanda Perobelli/Estado Content

14 – San Isidro (Havana, Cuba)

Local art lines the walls of San Ysidro – Photo: Reproduction

15 – Neukölln (Berlin, Germany)

Neukölln is marked by historic buildings. – Photo: Reproduction

16 – Avondale (Chicago, USA)

17 – Walthamstow (London, England)

18 – Sands (Brazil, Spain)

19 – Little India (Singapore)

20 – Riona Sanita (Naples, Italy)

21 – Silver Lake (Los Angeles, USA)

22 – Wan Tsai (Hong Kong)

23 – Barrio de las Letras (Madrid, Spain)

24 – Vesterbro (Copenhagen, Denmark)

25 – West End (Vancouver, Canada)

26 – Lewinsky (Tel Aviv, Israel)

27 – Fitzroy (Melbourne, Australia)

28 – Kilimani (Nairobi, Kenya)

29 – Coconut Grove (Miami, USA)

30 – Northern Quarter (Manchester, England)

31 – Letna (Prague, Czech Republic)

32 – North (Amsterdam, Holland)

33 – Marrickville (Sydney, Australia)

34 – Zacarita (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

35 – Kelham Island (Sheffield, USA)

36 – Dogpatch (San Francisco, USA)

37 – Cementing (Taipei, Taiwan)

38 – Sea Point (Cape Town, South Africa)

39 – Bakrati (Athens, Greece)

40 – Sanders (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

41 – Escalante neighborhood (San Jose, Costa Rica)

42 – Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

43 – Kingsland (Auckland, New Zealand)

44 – Haute-Marais (Paris, France)

45 Bandra West (Mumbai, India)

46 – Thonglor (Bangkok, Thailand)

47 – Fortitude Valley (Brisbane, Australia)

48 – Fashion (Istanbul, Turkey)

49 – Stoneybatter (Dublin, Ireland)

50 – Festac Town (Lagos, Nigeria)

51 – Versailles (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

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