December 7, 2022

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Wednesday 28 July | Summary of the day

good night. Highlights of the day:

App drivers are increasingly suffering Fuel prices. A tough day in Brazil Tokyo Olympics. Neva Rio Grande do Sul and Cool quick It reaches many states of the country. Pedro Castillo The only non-participating president is Bolsanaro, who takes office in Peru. Raisa Leal Maranhao arrives and is welcomed by family and fans.

The Govt epidemic is already making life much harder for utility drivers and motorcycle couriers in Sவோo Paulo, who have reduced their customers and revenue. But now the situation has worsened because fuel prices have risen sharply. Professionals began to “select” the races, which, in the end, could even cause a loss. Many people even think about leaving the industry. nothing. In four months, a liter of ethanol rose from R $ 3.54 to R $ 4.36 (up 23.1%). Petrol went from R $ 5.12 to R $ 5.69 (9.6% increase). The Sao Paulo (Amasp) application drivers’ association said about 25% of those in the Navy have quit their jobs. Understand.

Aging cry with high food prices: “Brazilians can’t starve”

Ok Tokyo Olympics

Brazil Russia runs over Brazil

Brazil did not have a good day in the tournament. Starting with volleyball boys. Choice Affected Against the easy-winning Russians: 0. for 3 sets The Brazilians will return to court tomorrow, guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals without drama, as they must beat the United States.

Brazil outside of table tennis

Men’s football Day saved, Beat Saudi Arabia 3-1. The selection goes to the knockout in the quarterfinals. The next match is against Egypt on Saturday.

And brothers … Also in men’s football, Argentina withdrew from the Olympics after a draw with Spain. Brazilian players did not miss the opportunity: they said goodbye to Humanitos and posted photos (Check it out here)

The Supreme Court (STF) on Wednesday (28) responded in an unprecedented manner, contrary to the fact that President Jair Bolzano would often repeat himself when talking about the epidemic. In an interview, he said the president has given more powers to governors and mayors than to himself.

In social networks, the STF opposed:

“Is a lie repeated a thousand times true? No. It is a lie that the Supreme Court has usurped the powers of the President to act contagiously. It is true that the Union, the States and the SDF have decided that municipalities must take action to protect the people.

Socialist candidate Pedro Castillo took office as President of Peru today. Jair Bolzano, the only president of the neighboring country, did not attend the event. As well as Hamilton Mario at the disposal of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, who represented Brazil. Peru passes a subtle moment, with cowardice and political tensions erupting. The new president must fight for support in Congress. At the ceremony, he said he would convene a constitutional assembly. Read more in the article.

We warned you … the cold wave came too high and it snowed in many cities in the RS (see above). Forecast for heavy snow and frost in SC. In Rio, the surf can cause waves of up to 4 meters. Check the weather forecast.

The arrival of the Cold Front re-ignited an embarrassment in Sவோo Paulo. There is a belief that on July 25, 1918, snow fell on Avenita Ballista. Also, tomorrow, there may be a historic cold record with negative temperatures in the capital. For meteorologists, there have been no records of snow since 1910, when measurements began in the city. The event will be reported by Jose Nunes Belfort Matos, who is considered one of the pioneers of the time in the country. Notes about ice were found in Matos’ notebook, but the information was never confirmed. Understand the statement.

Raisa Leal descended into the empire with a silver medal

Reyza Leal landed the Empress with the silver medal

Skater Raisa Leal arrived in Maranhao after an unprecedented achievement at the Tokyo Olympics. The athlete was greeted by his little brother at the airport. That moment, beyond the beautiful, was recorded on video (See above). He took part in a parade over the fire engine at the Imperis.