December 7, 2022

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What is the bridge between Russia and Crimea and why is it important in the war in Ukraine | the world

According to Moscow authorities, the incident occurred after a bomb exploded inside the truck., set fire to seven tanks of the train carrying fuel. Yet according to the Russians, three people died in the bombings.

The bridge is one of the largest dual-use bridges in Europe (road and rail). 19 km long. The route crosses the Kerch Strait between the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea and connects the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea with the Daman region in southern Russia.

As well as being a valuable symbol of Moscow’s annexation of the peninsula – an act considered illegal by the international community – the road and rail bridge was mainly used to transport military equipment for the Russian armed forces in the war against Ukraine.

Explosions destroy part of the only bridge between Russia and Crimea on Saturday (8) – Photo: AP Photo

In an interview Globo News This Saturday, Professor Vitellio Brustolin, a researcher at Harvard University, said that the bridge played an important role in the conflict between the two countries.

“On February 24, at the beginning of the offensive, this bridge transported troops very quickly, and in March they captured the Kherson region. This bridge transports 80% of the troops and munitions used in southern Ukraine, which is precisely one of the areas under strong counterattack at the moment,” he said. He explained.

The road was officially opened on May 15, 2018 by Vladimir Putin. On occasion, the Russian president drove a truck during the ceremony. According to Professor Brustol, these works will cost US$ 5 billion.

Location of the bridge between Russia and Crimea – Photo: Arte/g1

At the time, Moscow awarded the contract for the work, which began in February 2016, to the company of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, a judo colleague of the Russian president.

According to the government decree, Stroigazmontaj must deliver the bridge by December 2018, with a maximum cost of 228.3 billion rubles (2.9 billion euros at the time).

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the bridge between Russia and Crimea on Tuesday (15) – Photo: Alexander Nemenov/Pool/AFP

But during a visit in March, days before his re-election, Putin demanded that the work be completed in May so that people could enjoy it in the summer.

Crimea is a very popular holiday destination among Russians, and tourists from the country are one of the main sources of income for the peninsula, which is much appreciated for its beaches and mountains near the Black Sea.

Understand the significance of the bombed-out bridge between Russia and Crimea

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