September 28, 2022

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When did Charles become king? Understand succession and coronation planning

According to the protocols established in “Operation London Bridge”, Buckingham Palace’s plan of action Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 age, Council D+1 on St. James, and declares Charles the new king.

The day of death is called D-Day (or D-Day, original), and the following days are referred to as D+1, D+2, and so on. That means he will be officially named the new King of England tomorrow, as Camilla becomes Queen Consort.

On the same day, the Prime Minister goes to Buckingham Palace to meet King Charles. Soon after, the newly crowned king toured England, stopping to attend services in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Meanwhile, Westminster Hall prepares for Elizabeth’s funeral. On the 5th, the body was moved to the Palace of Westminster so people could pay their respects for three days.

At least that’s what’s expected in a program created in 1960 to accompany the official protocol of royalty for the day the monarch died.

However, Charles’ official coronation could take several months and only take place after the Queen has been mourned and all the necessary arrangements have been made. But a coronation is not necessary for a prince to become king.

Accordingly With the British Royal Family websiteThe coronation is “an occasion for pomp and celebration, but it is also a sacred religious ceremony that has remained essentially the same for over a thousand years. For the past 900 years, the ceremony has been held at Westminster Abbey in London. Since the Norman Conquest in 1066, the Archbishop of Canterbury has led the service.”

What is happening now?

  • Queen’s body outside Buckingham Palace At Balmoral Castle, Scotlandis taken to London
  • A closed memorial for ministers takes place in the cathedral St. PeterAlso known as Westminster Abbey
  • Four days after Elizabeth’s death, the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall begins.
  • A public memorial service will begin at the Palace of Westminster on the 5th
  • Ten days after her death, she will be buried alongside her father, King George VI, and her husband, Prince Philip.
  • All palace flags fly at half-mast
  • Except for essential activities, government activities have been suspended for ten days
  • The Royal Family’s website was replaced by a black page with text confirming the Queen’s death
  • The family’s social media has gone silent, and government websites are getting a black banner
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