July 4, 2022

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White House signs agreement with Pfizer to provide 500 million doses of vaccine to more than 100 countries | The world

Government United States Signed an agreement with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to deliver the 500 million dose vaccine Govit-19 According to information published in the American press this Wednesday (9), by the end of 2022 to more than 100 countries.

The New York Times and The Washington Post first reported the news, citing sources close to the talks. The international news agency Reuters also confirmed the existence of the deal.

Before boarding England, A group that unites the world’s largest economies – G7 meeting this Thursday (10) US President, Joe Biden, Said he would issue a statement about the global vaccination strategy.

Sources quoted by the Times say that the United States will pay less than the market size and that 200 million of them will be distributed by 2021. The remaining 300 million will be disbursed next year.

There is no information on which countries can receive the quantities and how they will be distributed.

In May, the United States announced a donation of 80 million doses of the vaccine. (Read more below). The first load, this Started distributing last week, Among them Brazil. This ship was not contracted to Pfizer for $ 500 million.

Size until the end of June

The United States has promised to redistribute about 80 million doses of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines to other countries by the end of June. In total, 25 million doses began to be dispensed on June 3rd.

Brazil is one of more than 40 countries that will receive a portion of this first ship. However, the exact number of doses that the country will receive has not been released – as 6 million of them need to be shared with 14 other Latin American countries. (Read more about distribution below).

  • 6 million to South and Central America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Haiti, Caribbean and Dominican Republic.
  • 7 million to Asia: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and the Pacific Islands.
  • 5 million to Africa, distributed in selected countries in conjunction with the African Union.

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