July 4, 2022

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WHO study points to problems in factory exporting Spatnik V to Brazil

Panel of experts World Health Organization (WHO) faced problems in the manufacturing industry Vaccine Sputnik v Ann Russia During the trip, which took place from May 31 to June 4. The report was released this Wednesday (23).

The WHO has identified six concerns about the need to implement adequate measures to reduce the risk of cross-pollution. Another aspect was the interest in environmental monitoring data during production, mainly related to maintenance to prevent the emergence and growth of bacteria or viruses that could contaminate the vaccine.

According to the WHO report, the factory must have environmental monitoring control. The vaccine must be a sterile material and have the correct asbestos for everything so as not to cause any contamination in the production environment.

The WHO points out a concern in monitoring prepared vaccines, and the whole process should be transparent in reports so that any researcher can monitor the volumes and take prompt action if problems occur.

Anvisa also pointed out similar issues and established conditions for importing to Brazil earlier this month.

According to the website of Sputnik in Brazil, the Russian factory will eliminate defects in the production of the immunizing agent in accordance with WHO recommendations.

Russian vaccine against Spitnik V bottle, Kovit-19
Russian vaccine against Spitnik V bottle, Kovit-19
Photo: Spotnik V / Revelation
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