December 7, 2022

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Woman exits, attacks crew, tries to open plane door and is arrested by tape

An flight attendant told the passenger ‘there was an explosion and he wanted to get off the plane’

Last Tuesday (6) a woman was taped to a seat on the plane she was traveling in, she attacked the crew and tried to open the door of the plane in the middle of the plane in the United States.

“You! You! You!” The woman shouted at the passengers of the American Airlines flight in 1774. The images were published by a Dictoc user, but were later deleted.

The trip departed from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina. About an hour after the plane took off, flight attendants turned on the lights, according to the NY Post. “We saw them all running up and down the halls and whispering frantically to each other,” says one person on the plane.

The crew locked the toilets and got up to pick up the bags from the overhead box, but did not explain to the passengers what was going on. The pilot of the plane then told the customers to sit down. “Now the plane is in a bad condition,” he said.

An aide said the woman “had an explosion and wanted to get off the plane. ‘I have to get off this plane,’ she said, and she got out and started knocking on the doors, ‘You have to get me off this plane!’

The passenger who caused the riot was not identified, but was taken to Charlotte Hospital for a medical and psychiatric evaluation. He was added to the list of “banned” persons to fly.

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