December 7, 2022

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Woman giving birth to 9 babies changes 100 diapers a day: ‘It was shocking’

Halima Sisse, the woman who gave Nine babies will be born in May this year, Spoke for the first time about his relationship with four boys and five girls who helped him break the world record for the world’s largest birth.

According to him, babies use about 100 diapers a day and more than six liters of milk.

At the age of 26, Siss saw nine children coming out of him and could not believe it, he told the Daily Mail. “It felt like a never-ending stream of babies from me,” she said, adding that each prenatal ultrasound scan showed that she was going to give birth to two more babies than had ever happened.

She and 35-year-old sailor Katherine Arby already had a two-year-old daughter who did not know how to manage the situation. However, nonetheless The delivery took place in MoroccoThe government of Mali, where the girl was born, provides first aid for newborns.

He believes the government has already provided more than R $ 7 million with his children.

The boys Mohammed, Ba, El Hadji and Umar, and the girls Hawa, Adama, Fatuma, Omou and Kadidia are closely monitored by staff at a hospital in Mali, where they stay with their mother for an hour a day.

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“It was a complete shock when I found out I was going to have nine children because I thought there would be seven,” Cissey says, remembering the only thing she thought about when going through the pain and suffering of childbirth. Raising children.

“My sister held my hand, but I could think of how I would take care of them and who would help me.

Siss is also without breastfeeding and still feels weak. “Having a baby is enough, but having nine is unimaginable. The amount of work involved in caring for them is amazing. I owe it to the medical team that has been doing all the hard work and to the Malian government that funded it.”

The father, on the other hand, says he is relieved that his wife and children are safe. “The big concern for me is not the size of my house, the number of rooms or the money, but to make sure my wife and kids are right,” he says.