July 4, 2022

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‘Woman who gave birth to 10 children in one pregnancy’ arrested after ‘creating the story’

He said there was a woman from South Africa Birth of 10 children of the same pregnancy He was admitted to the psychiatric ward of a general hospital “Discover” the story.

Police Gosiam Chithol was arrested, 37, at the home of a relative near Johannesburg (South Africa) in the early hours of Thursday (6/17), this Monday declared “sun”.

Rumors of the hoax escalated last week when he was said to be the father of “ten children” “Don’t believe you have ten children”. Depoko Chottsi commented that after several attempts to see the “ten children” he had no access to the story and was skeptical.

Gosiam e Deboho Sodetchi Photo: Reprint / Twitter

As soon as the news came “Record breakdown”, Began to suspect that their history and children did not appear on camera.

According to the “Sunday Times”, Medlinic Metforum Hospital in Pretoria, where Gosiam is said to have given birth, She did not answer. Spokeswoman Tertia Kruger said the medical center was aware of the advertisement surrounding the birth of the baby:

“We can ensure that none of our facilities are involved in the maternity care of this patient.”

South Africa’s National Health Service says its own investigation has concluded There is no evidence of the presence of children..

However, a local communication vehicle Emphasizes that births occurred And there was a cover-up to cover up the medical malpractice. But the media has no information on the whereabouts of the “children”.

The woman committed no crime, but was put in the care of Quteng community development department staff, who took her to a hospital.

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She then Relatives of his accomplice have accused him of accepting donations from the public for “newborns”, Despite claims that they do not.

Citol’s lawyer, Refilo Mogona, says he has been detained against his will and will apply for a court order to release him.