July 4, 2022

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‘World’s smallest cow’ to become tourist destination in Bangladesh; Watch the video | The world

A crowd of interested people gathers on a farm indoors Bangladesh To meet the 51 cm tall queen, it may be the smallest in the world.

The adult animal, in addition to being short and 66 cm long, has already been judged by the judges of the record books to be a world record holder, its creators believe.

“She eats less than other cows, never gives me a problem, she’s very special to me,” breeder Mohammed Mamun told Reuters.

According to the authors, the entire Guinness Book process takes about 90 days. Therefore, the results of the analyzes should be published only in the middle of the second half.

Meanwhile, it has become a major tourist attraction. (Watch the video above).

The queen, the small Bangladeshi cow, may be the smallest in the world in a July 13 photo – Photo: Mohammad Bonir Hossain / Reuters

Even with all the restrictions imposed in the country by the epidemic Govit-19, People have found ways to break locks to see the curious animal.

Hassan Howler, the owner of the farm, told the Agency France Press that visitors travel long distances to see the little queen.

“People are coming from far and wide despite the imprisonment,” Howler said. “In the last three days alone, more than 15,000 people have come to see the Queen.”

Rani is a race whose meat is very popular in Bangladesh, Jeep. The other cows on the farm are twice your size.

According to Sajidul Islam, the state veterinarian for the region, the queen’s height is the result of breeding – when there are multiple crosses within the same species – she is unlikely to grow.

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